Kevin Powers: Writer/Creator

Kevin Powers loves comics and movies. He is the founder and publisher of TJ Comics – an outlet for creator-owned comics – where he also writes an Eastwood-inspired western, STEEL CREEK, and the superhero epic EXTRAORDINARY.

A graduate of Ithaca College with a screenwriting degree, Kevin’s passion is to create engaging stories in every possible medium. PATRIOT-1 combines his interest in comics with his interest in the real-life superheroes of Special Operations Forces. Though he never served in the military, Kevin enjoys being an amateur historian on World, American and U.S. Special Operations history.

Kevin is also a writer, content manager and pop culture editor for He spearheaded the relaunch of in 2011 and was a driving force behind the short-lived cult hit animated webseries “WWE Cheap Pops.”

You can read Kevin’s comic-related blog “Comic Odyssey” and follow him on Twitter at @kevinpowers70

Dexter Wee: Artist

Dexter Wee is a native of Zamboanga City in the Philippines. First introduced to comics – specifically Superman – by his father, the medium has become a passion of his. Drawing his first comic at the age of 9, Dexter has continued to hone his craft as a self-taught comic artist bringing depth and realism to the page.

Though he didn’t start drawing “professionally” until 2007, Dexter’s first published art was featured in Mike San Giacomo’s TALES OF THE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN. Dexter is also the artist for Jon Judy’s critically acclaimed SWERVE from Arcana. Dexter’s most expansive work comes in CURA TE IPSUM, a mind-bending, dimension-jumping web series written by Neil Bailey.

PATRIOT-1 posed a new challenge for Dexter, one that he was excited to dive into. Creating the visuals of a story based in the real world involves intricate detail and authentic looking locales. A proven line artist, Dexter has truly brought Kevin’s vision to life.

Donna Gregory: Colorist

Donna Gregory is a veteran colorist in the comics industry. She served as the colorist on the critically acclaimed Image series THE INTREPIDS as well as duties on a number of other titles as well. Zenescope’s CHARMED, Image’s PIGS and Th3rdWorld’s OMEGA CHASE.